We offer a broad selection of products from the company MavaTech, which is one of the leading companies in the field of CBRM. The advantages of the MavaTech products include:

  • NATO marked products,
  • Constant development,
  • Certificate of quality ISO9001 H/AQAP-2110,
  • Rich knowledge and experience of MavaTech in the field of decontamination,
  • Suitable for civilian and military use.

The products for decontamination from MavaTech are used in many countries across the world, including:

  • The Finnish and Swedish defence forces
  • The Finnish fire brigades
  • The Portuguese army

A broad selection of the products contains:

E-96 decontamination emulsion:

  • The set for filling of MAVA200,
  • For biological and chemical substances.
E-96 (.pdf, 78kb, English language)

MAVA10 decontamination spray:

  • For the decontamination of vehicles,
  • For personal decontamination.
MAVA10 (.pdf, 46kb, English language)

MAVA200 decontamination spray:

  • For decontamination of equipment and vehicles
  • For chemical, biological and radiological substances,
  • For military and civilian use.
MAVA200 (.pdf, 76kb, English language)

MAVA300 field shower:

  • Is used for the decontamination of people and protective gear in the outside environment.
MAVA300 (.pdf, 230kb, English language)

MAVA350 decontamination shower:

  • Is meant for the rapid washing of chemical substances from protection suits and bodies.
MAVA350 (.pdf, 68kb, English language)

MAVA350S decontamination shower:

  • Is meant for rapid decontamination in chemical disasters and CBRM events.
  • It is also used for the washing of eyes and hands.
MAVA350S (. pdf, 59kb, English language)

IDS-1 System for rapid decontamination:

  • The perfect decontamination system for rapid decontamination of people,
  • It can be set up in 10 minutes,
  • It contains all the necessary equipment.
IDS-1 (.pdf, 244kb, English language)

SPLD-1 Line for the decontamination of patients on stretchers

  • The complete decontamination system for the ambulatory decontamination of people.
SPDL-1 (.pdf, 230kb, English language)

ESC-1 Shower booth:

  • It is used for the direct and immediate cleaning of people in chemical accidents and other similar situations.
ESC-1 (.pdf, 67kb, English language)

ADL-1 Automatic decontamination line:

  • Used for stationary objects,
  • For their decontamination and drying.
ADL-1 (.pdf, 57kb, English language)

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Competitive advantages

  • Adaptable
  • Fast
  • Environmentally friendly

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