Handheld Chemical Detector ChemPro100i

The purpose of ChemPro100i:
  • An alarm device for the detection of chemical attacks,
  • It detects unusual and very low concentrations of dangerous substances,
  • It will sound an alarm for all the chemical substances for which it is programmed,
  • Quickly acquire information of the existing toxic chemicals in the air.
The advantages of ChemPro100i
  • ChemPro100i is a small device, which weighs less than one kilogram, but it is a real giant in its capabilities,
  • It works based on the improved ionic-mobile cell which assures higher sensitivity and selectivity,
  • It is useful as a personal detector before or after an event,
  • Works with electrical energy, NiCd accumulators or AA batteries. The batteries indicator will be shown on the display,
  • The system is simple to use and can be operated with one hand.
The ChemPro100i is a detector which is useful for:
  • Military units,
  • Civilian units,
  • Organisation for protection,
  • Police,
  • Fire brigade,
  • Industry.

Would you like to find out more?

Additional information about the detector and characteristics of ChemPro100 and the detector ChemPro100i, which is the upgrade of the previous detector can be downloaded. Simply choose the desired material, click on the PDF icon and save the information onto your computer.

detector ChemPro100i (.pdf, 1478kb, English language)

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