Do you require:

  • Fast and reliable detection of dangerous chemical, biological or radiological material (CBRM) in your environment?
  • An instant alarm to be transmitted to all participants?
  • Do you need - in the case of contamination - the rapid decontamination of people and equipment?
  • Are you thinking that you would, in this day and age, when not even people of Slovenia are safe from the dangers of terrorist attacks, build a shelter or renovate one with the most modern technology and equipment?

We offer all of this in the field of CBRM, we are the exclusive representative of the companies Environics, MavaTech, Temet and Inficon in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. These companies are amongst the leading companies in Europe and the world in the field of CBRM.


Environics The company Environics produces, develops and markets sensors, detectors and systems for detecting the presence of dangerous chemicals in the environment for the armed forces as well as in civilian spheres. The sales network covers more than 30 countries.

Read more: Environics


The company Temet offers the best protection for shelters and command posts, where they install all the most modern equipment from CBRM filters to protective shelter doors.

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MavaTech The company MavaTech produces, develops and markets the systems for chemical, biological and nuclear decontamination. Their speciality is rapid decontamination of people and equipment for the needs of the armed forces as well as for civilian use.

Read more: MavaTech


Inficon We are the representatives for the capable portable gas chromatograph for the company Inficon which has the mass detector Hapsite for the detection, identification and quantification of any nearby dangerous chemicals.

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