• Aviation
    Aviation The company Dr.Nemo d.o.o., Ljubljana is a general representative for the sale of aeroplanes and marketing of the brand Diamond AIRCRAFT in Slovenia.
  • Chemical Analytics
    Chemical Analytics In our sales program, we offer top of the range equipment for microwave acid digestion, microwave supported organic and inorganic syntheses and extractions, microwave combustion processes and many more.
  • Defence and Environmental Protection
    Defence and Environmental Protection In the field of CBRM we are the exclusive representative of the companies Environics, MavaTech, Temet and Inficon.
  • Manufacture and marketing
    Manufacture and marketing We connect independent entrepreneurs at different locations inside and outside Slovenia, and we mediate the orders, finance the manufacture, take care of the quality, logistics and contacts with buyers.
  • Pathology
    Pathology The top of the line semi-automatic and automatic microwave histoprocessors for every laboratory with the possibility of a diagnosis in one day and a healthy work environment! And also without xylene!

About the company

CEOThere is something which is common to all people and it is the only thing that can make us happy and bring us together. It is called creativity. It must not only be the shopping that is creative, but the life itself in its entirety, with which we can unite with pleasure and part in satisfaction.

Company Founder: Kajetan Bajt

The company Dr. Nemo d.o.o. has been an operational company since its establishment in 1989. The main activity is focused on organising and managing of the production and sale of components, machine systems and devices. Besides this basic activity, the company has branched its activities into the fields of chemistry, medicine, defence, aviation, wood and metal products and the field of representation.

The company's vision

The company's vision is to remain the leading representative and the best provider of quality products and services in existing and new markets. With the high quality and environment friendly products, the company will strive to satisfy a large circle of influential external participants. With a friendly working environment we seek to raise the satisfaction of employees, while the growth and development of the company should also satisfy the owner.

Company policy

The company policy is based on the strategy of the system provider, on the policy of competitive advantages involving high quality products and services, reliability, innovation, and adaptation to the final customer.

We constantly strive for:
  • Providing 100 % reliability,
  • Lowering of expenses in comparison with the sales achieved on the market,
  • Preserving the system of managing quality by the set quality standards which are demanded by the market and our own striving for excellence,
  • Achieving competitive prices in accordance with our competitors.

For achieving the set politics we use the following approaches:
  • We try to acquire the needs, demands and expectations of our customers with the methods of macro-analysis and by taking into account the feedback,
  • We improve our processes with the constant training of staff with implementing new solutions and improvements,
  • We achieve competitive prices by constantly reducing expenses and introducing new technologies,
  • We meet deadlines with the effective distribution of work, the following of completion deadlines and putting into effect personal responsibility.

Competitive advantages

  • Adaptable
  • Fast
  • Environmentally friendly

ISO 9001:2008

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